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About Us

This is an online community for all Nigerian Students seeking business education, information, start-up capital, freebies, job opportunities and how to grow an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Discovering the current trend in the increase in number of entrepreneurs, this platform was formed to bring all Nigerian Students together, making them understand the benefits of starting Entrepreneurship in school and how to tap into the free resources provided by the university.

Our services are carefully tailored to help students network, interact, learn and be informed about business opportunities that suit that university location that will earn them stable monthly income that goes for bills, groceries, rent, and other important expenses.

We understand that finance could be a major challenge, that's why this platform was created to empower students with no business experience, increase sales for existing Student Entrepreneurs and provide Successful Entrepreneurs for mentorship, training, Empowerment, and Employment.

We aim to become the most popular platform for engaging Nigerian Students positively in turn building Future Successful Smart Entrepreneurs (FSSE).

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Benefits of joining NaijaSES

▪️Network with thousands of Nigerian Students

▪️Gain access to free training on how to start a business

▪️Gain access to start-up capital 

▪️Become Financially Free

▪️Increase in sales and business connections.

▪️Job opportunities personalized to each member

▪️Become Future Successful Smart Entrepreneur (FSSE)

A Big Thanks

Thanks to all members, supporters, donors, together we can build a better society.

Our Vision

At NaijaSES, we aim to promote entrepreneurship for students with business aspirations through 4 ways;



Be informed about productive and profitable business that suits your university location.


Be formed by becoming a member a get trained on how to become  Future Successful Smart Entrepreneurs (FSSE).


Get accesss to business start-up, freebies, the biggest platform for Empowerment, empowering more than 50 startups every month.


Get connected to Successful Entrepreneurs for mentoring, small business marketing tips and strategies to grow your business.